Chemical Soil Analysis

The chemical analysis of soils appear to be of great help to make a plan of fertilization. They allow direct processing, irrigation and also to identify the nutrient deficient or excess causing a severe limitation in agricultural production.

For land were established a series of analyzes defined basic, necessary to identify the basic characteristics of the soil and its equipment in nutrients.

Basic Analysis:

  • Skeleton
  • Weaving
  • Organic carbon
  • Reaction of the soil
  • Limestone total and active
  • Conductivity electric
  • Total Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus similar
  • Capacity 'Cationic exchange (CSC)
  • Terms of trade (K, Ca, Mg, Na)

Abnormal soil conditions, soil corrections, special nutritional requirements of the crop, may require a more analysis of physico-chemical parameters of the soil.

Analysis for the determination of the level of pollution

The Consolidated Environmental DL no.152/2006 down specific procedures for the characterization of land:

  • Substances to be found in the soil are standardized according to the knowledge of the production and / or on a historical basis.
  • The sample must be collected in two aliquots by dry coring.
  • The concentration must be determined for homogeneous layers with separate collection of materials;
  • For each survey samples should be trained separately at least three sub-samples;
  • Sampling of buried waste should include sampling and analysis of an average sample of the material extracted from every area of ​​survey;
  • Chemical analysis must ensure to obtain values ​​10 times lower than the concentration values;
  • The processing of the results must express the uncertainty of the concentration value determined for the sample.

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