Analysis of private and industrial Water

Water is blue because when the light of the sun, which contains all colors, penetrates it, some colors are absorbed by the molecules; in particular, they absorb orange and red colors, so when the light reaches our eyes it has less orange and red and appears to be more blue than call white light. Water is a great benefit and today it is very important for daily life so LAB SOLUTION decided to provide a water analysis service.

The policy of our laboratory is to safeguard water and then examine it by making wastewater withdrawals from industries (dyeing, printing, weaving, laundry etc. ...), swimming pools, buildings and public establishments.

Our technicians are at your service by telephone consultations or on-site services and our they will be happy to give you all the information about prices, pickups, sampling.

Lab Solution performs tests and samplings shall of:

Water intended for human use

For water intended for human consumption we mean water treated or untreated, intended for drinking, for the preparation of foods and beverages, or other domestic purposes, regardless of its origin and whether it is supplied from a distribution network, from a tanker , in bottles or containers and water used in any food-production undertaking for the manufacture, processing, preservation or marketing of products or substances intended for human consumption, except those identified under Article 11, paragraph 1, letter e), of which quality can not have an impact on the healthiness of the final food product. 

While 'domestic distribution system' (as in the case of condominiums) is meant by "the pipes, fittings, equipment  installed between the taps that are normally used for water intended for human consumption and the external distribution network. The boundary between the domestic distribution system and outside distribution network , hereafter referred to as the delivery point, and constituted by the meter, unless otherwise specified in the administration contract . (art. 2, D.Lgs.n.31/2001)

Annex 1, Part A and Part B, shows the values ​​of the microbiological and chemical parameters to be determined while in Part C shows the values ​​of indicator parameters. Annex 2, however, are the parameters to be analyzed for routine checks.

Swimming pool water (water input and pool water)

The State-Regions agreement of 16/01/03 defines the framework for the structural characteristics and management of swimming pools and water immission the requirements for both input and pool set out in Annex 1 of this Agreement. In the case of water supply, the analysis must be done according to the requirements of potability required by current regulations except for the temperature.

Waste Water

The DL 152 of April 3, 2006 and subsequent amendments, in particular the third part defines the framework for the protection of surface water, groundwater and marine and establishes limit values ​​for emissions of waste water.

Surface water

The DL 152 of April 3, 2006 and subsequent amendments, in particular the third part defines the framework for the protection of surface water, marine and ground states, and in particular Annex 2, the general criteria and methodologies for detection and qualitative characteristics for the classification of surface water intended for drinking water production.

Annex 2 of the third part refers to the characteristics of quality for surface water intended for drinking water production. The parameters of Annex 2 of the Decree. N.152/2006 are the limit values ​​according to the categories of type of treatment (category A1-Simple physical treatment and disinfection, A2 - normal chemical-physical treatment and disinfection, category A3 - Strong chemical-physical treatment, refining and disinfection).

Analysis in 24/48 hours

One of the first targets of our Laboratory is to satisfy market needs that require a testing service in a short time. Lab Solution ensures fast delivery of the results within 24/48 hours.
Special requests can be managed according to the type of test required. This service is completely free.

Pick-up and delivery

Lab Solution offers pick up and delivery in the area of Como and the surrounding area, in order to provide faster execution of tests and offers a great customer service.