Analysis on inert waste

Inert waste are defined hazardous waste. Inert waste are solid waste that are not subjected to any kind of physical, chemical or biological modifications. Inert waste will not dissolve, burn or being subjected to other physical or chemical reactions, they are not biodegradable and, in case of contact with other materials, they do not involve harmful effects which can cause environmental pollution or damage to human health. The total leachability and pollutant content of  waste and the ecotoxicity of the leachate must be insignificant, and in particular it does not damage the quality of surface water and groundwater

For waste deposited into landfill or, the characterization must exclude the dangerousness of the material and it must ensure that high security. In particular it must be verified and excluded the tendency to release contaminated in the surrounding environment through analysis of eluate from leaching test. In case of environmental recovery it must be verified  the compatibility of the material with the destination site features.

Lab Solution performs analysis for the characterization of inert waste for landfill or recovery, also provide targeted support both in the sampling phase (performed according to standard UNI 10802) and in the selection of the tests foreseen in function  of the material features and its destination.

Analysis in 24/48 hours

One of the first targets of our Laboratory is to satisfy market needs that require a testing service in a short time. Lab Solution ensures fast delivery of the results within 24/48 hours.
Special requests can be managed according to the type of test required. This service is completely free.

Pick-up and delivery

Lab Solution offers pick up and delivery in the area of Como and the surrounding area, in order to provide faster execution of tests and offers a great customer service.