General Terms of Sales

The requests of tests and analysis or other services must be done using the entering paper

Download paper Mod.010 Price List

In Mod.010 the information about the material to be tested (specimen name, fiber content, final destination use) must be indicated, the requests for the laboratory (needed tests with standard specifications, test time, request for return of material), billing and economic details. Particular test time conditions requested from the customer are not demanding for the laboratory. The requests will be examined from the technical direction of the laboratory and accepted if compatible with the tests requested. Tests for causes of defects or expertise should be preferably discussed with the technical direction or with the general direction in order to obtain a better comprehension of the problems.

The material quantity needed for the tests is indicated in this price list; material quantity not right for the execution of the test could causes not acceptance of the requests or, according with customer, execution of indicative test with explanation on test report. The technical direction, without a specific test method request, could apply the test method or the standard better for the specimen in exam. The test are destructive. When garments or package are to be tested the cut must to be authorized filling the specific section of the Mod.010. Without this authorization the request will not be accepted. The residual test material will be kept to the laboratory for a period of 1 months; materials used for defect causes will be kept in the laboratory for a period of 12 months. After the period of conservation the material will be disposed of.

The customer is the owner of the test report. Lab Solution doesn’t execute sampling of material and is not responsible in terms of “guarantee of the producer”. The test must be collected from the laboratory according to discussed condition. A copy of the Test Report is kept for a period of 4 years upon hardware support and 10 years upon digital support.

The laboratory personnel, excluding technical direction, is not authorized to produce telephonic anticipations of test results.The results are referred only to the examined specimens and cannot be referred to the entire lots of production which are sampled. Lab Solution is not responsible for declaration produced from the customer relative to the examined specimen.

Particular economic conditions can be discussed with the direction.

The treatment of the personal data of the customer is done by Lab Solution exclusively in order to correctly executes the service requests. The data will be used only for commercial scopes, to propose new services, to define term in types of payment. The treatment is done in respect of the conditions in according art. 9 of L675/96. The data will not be used with third parties. Lab Solution is responsible for the treatment. For any dispute, the court of jurisdiction is Como.

Other services Lab Solution

  • Interpretation and comment of test results
  • Search for causes to a defect
  • Technical advice in interpreting technical standards and methods
  • Test report presentation by e-mail
  • Subscriptions and personalized discounts

Material needed for tests

In the following is indicated the minimum material Quantity needed for the execution of the tests; the quantities are based upon the possibility to sampling and to executes the test in the right manner. According with the customer is possible to execute orientative tests using a lower material quantity.


Tests on Yarns

1 package and at least 100m of yarn

Psysical tests on Fabric

  • 20 cm in full height for abrasion tests
  • 50 cm in full height for tear, tensile, pilling and weight for square meter tests
  • 70 cm in full height for seam slippage, yarn count, twist and crimp tests

Chemical tests

50 grams

Dimensional stability test

60 cm in full height

Colour fastness tests

20 cm in full height (for fabrics) or at least 50 meters of yarn

Reaction to fire tests

  • 50 cm in full height for 16 CFR 1610 o TB 117.
  • 2 meters in full height for upholstered fabrics (except for radiating panel which requires 3,5m)

Waters and wastwater

At least 1,5 liters

Special Conditions

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Analysis in 24/48 hours

One of the first targets of our Laboratory is to satisfy market needs that require a testing service in a short time. Lab Solution ensures fast delivery of the results within 24/48 hours.
Special requests can be managed according to the type of test required. This service is completely free.

Pick-up and delivery

Lab Solution offers pick up and delivery in the area of Como and the surrounding area, in order to provide faster execution of tests and offers a great customer service.