Analysis in the workplace

All Kind of activities be it artisan or industrial during the course of manufacture produces micro polluttant diffused in air in working environment. Some pollutants could be diffused in working environmental even where there is no specific manufacturing or processing (deposit, office ). If there is the presence of particular source of raw materialsextremely evaporative or manufactured articles. The measure of the level of exposition to workers to air diffused pollutant is a fondamental part often negleated. The valutation of risks present in work environmental expected by D.Lgs. 81/2008. The only document assessment is in fact insufficient because the law provides that, where found a significant risk to the safety of workers or low top security company, several requirements including the provision of PPE, the introduction of local exhaust ventilation or closed loop, the search for raw materials less dangerous training and specific information of employees and regular monitoring of the levels of exposure to chemicals and carcinogens.

The presence of chemical pollution in the work environment can become, depending on the concentration reached by pollutants in the air breathed by workers against the significant risk of exposed personnel.

The workers, in fact, are likely:

  • The possibility of acute intoxication, when there is a sudden increase in the concentration of pollutants in the air, exceeding the threshold of toxicit;
  • The possibility of occupational diseases, when workers are subject to prolonged even at low levels of pollutant
  • As a result there is a need to periodically monitor the state of pollution of any working environment, to verify and identify the type of chemical contamination present and assess the concentrations

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