Enviromental Chemical Laboratory

Water Analysis

The policy of our laboratory is to monitor the water and then analyzing it by making withdrawals wastewater industries (dyeing, printing, weaving, laundry etc. ...), swimming pools, buildings and establishments in public.


Waste Analysis

A correct management of waste products from industrial activities is becoming important in every day life.

Lab Solution is able to offer costumers its professionality and experience making chemical and physical characterization of waste according to the current standards.


Asbestos Analysis

Lab Solution performs, personal and environmental sampling, analysis for the characterization of asbestiform fibers dispersed in the air in the working environment in conformity with Directive 2003/18/CE.


Soil Analysis

The chemical analysis of soils appear to be of great help to make a plan of fertilization. They allow direct processing, irrigation and also to identify the nutrient deficient or excess causing a severe limitation in agricultural production.


Soil and rock excavation analysis

Lab Solution performed analysis on soil and rock excavation following the client in every phase, advising on analysis choice to be performed based on the characteristics of the site.


Analysis on inert waste

Lab Solution performs analysis for the characterisation of inert waste to be disposed of in a dumping ground or for recuperation.

Providing support both during the sampling phase (executed according to UNI 10802) and during the selection of the planned analysis required on the bases of the characteristics of the material and its destination.


Analysis of sewage sludge

The sludge must be treated in order to minimize their quantity of moisture to allow their final disposal without environmental damage and with the lowest possible cost.


Analysis of sludge for the shedding in agricolture

Lab Solution makes the assessment of the agronomic plan based on the analysis of the sludge and the methods indicated by DL 99/92 and DGR 907/2005


Workplace Analysis

The presence of chemical pollution in the work environment can become, depending on the concentration reached by pollutants in the air breathed by workers against the significant risk of exposed personnel.


Thanks to the new structure high tech and to the dedicated commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of services offered, Lab Solution is able to satisfy with speed, flexibility and reliability different customer needs also in the environmental branch. The wide range of instrumental equipment that the laboratory has allows Lab Solution to performs the major part all of the analysis required in accordance with the regulations.

Now a short review of the most important lab’s instruments: