Chemical Dyeing Test

Chemical dyeing test is indispensable in particular to evaluate the correct execution of the process of nobilitation and the correct definition of the maintenance label. They are also part of chemical dyeing basic tests, tests necessary for verifing or determing the fiber composition of textile products, regulated by EU directives, and is today also object of more details controls in the phase of transit through customs as well as on the market.

Every test is carried out following the operative modality expected by the official standard (ISO, EN, AATCC, GB, JIS, UNI ).

Analysis in 24/48 hours

One of the first targets of our Laboratory is to satisfy market needs that require a testing service in a short time. Lab Solution ensures fast delivery of the results within 24/48 hours.
Special requests can be managed according to the type of test required. This service is completely free.

Pick-up and delivery

Lab Solution offers pick up and delivery in the area of Como and the surrounding area, in order to provide faster execution of tests and offers a great customer service.