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Lab Solution


Laboratory of Chemical Textile and Environmental Analysis








Company Presentation




Company Presentation:


LAB SOLUTION Srl born from the synergistic union of two chemical analysis laboratories that have excelled in textiles during the time for quality, competence, efficiency and timeliness with better equilibrium within quality and costs. The ambition is to submit to both current and future needs of the new textile market, and fulfilling all the requests, becoming, quickly, the benchmark for the entire sector. Our laboratory is able to perform a wide range of analysis in compliance with international standards, with the certainty of satisfy the expectations of the most important and demanding customers, most of which are already in our portfolio. LAB SOLUTION also provides consultants for training in quality control: of furnishing fabrics and clothing, on garments and accessories. The staff of the laboratory guarantees, collection and delivery of the analysis in the Como area, without applying surcharges for emergencies or tests on individual samples.




Laboratory Service


Textiles Analysis


abrasion test chinese

Lab Solution, offers its customers a Laboratory equipped with the last generation instruments for the textile sector. Our laboratory, today is in position to carry out physical and chemical controls on Textiles product: classical, technical and general accessories. Besides, Lab Solution has developed a personalized analysis packet in order to better satisfy the requests of customers.... Continue


Environmental Analysis


Enviromental Analysis


The chemical department of the laboratory Lab Solution performs activities identification, physico-chemical characterization and the qualitative and quantitative determination of the components of a given sample. Over the years, his team has specialized in:










- Water analysis

- Waste Analysis

- Asbestos analysis

- Soil Analysis

- Sewage Sludge Analysis

- Analysis of sludge in agricolture for the shedding

- Air diffusion pollution analysis in working enviromental













Enological Analysis




An analysis of the ground is possible to avoid excesses in the distribution of fertilizers, harmful from the point of view of production and the environment, prevent the occurrence of deficiencies and maintain an adeguate level of nutrition of the vineyard. Know what physical and chemical characteristics owns land to be used for the cultivation of the vine allows us to.... Continue














































































































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