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Waste Analysis



The importance of proper and adequate management of waste from industrial coating is increasingly important in daily life.
Lab Solution, is able to offer its customers professionalism and experience performing the chemical and physical characterization of waste, according to the regulations. In our laboratory we can perform:


- Characterization as provided for by DL no.152/06
- Verification of eligibility to landfill as required by DM 03/08/05
- Verification of the possibility of the waste for recovery activities as well as
- Provided for in the DM 05/02/98 updated by DM 18/01/06
- Classification and proper attribution of the Code ID CER.

Waste is classified (Article 184, paragraph 1, of DL no. 152/2006):

according to the source:
- Municipal
- Special

according to the characteristics of danger in:
- Non-hazardous
- Hazardous

The distinction between municipal and special waste effect:

- Schemes authorizatory and habilitation in general;
- The obligations of registration and annual reporting;
- Identification of the person who has the duty to dispose of them

The distinction between hazardous and non-hazardous waste effects:

- The obligations of registration and annual reporting;
- The prohibition of mixing;
- The system of sanctions.

The various types of waste are then coded according to the European waste - so-called CER - referred to in Decision 2000/532/EC and subsequent amendments and additions set out in Annex D to Part IV of DL no.152/2006.

Are municipal waste (Article 184, paragraph 2 of DL no. 152/2006):

- Household waste, including bulky, and from local areas, used for residential purposes;

- Non-hazardous waste from premises and sites used for purposes other than those referred to in point a), similar to municipal waste quantity and quality; assimilation is prepared by the City based on criteria established in the state;

- Waste from street sweeping;

- Waste of any kind or origin, lying on the streets and public areas or on private roads and areas still subject to public use or on the beaches sea and lake and on the banks of rivers;







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