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Tests on accessories



Produce a clothing does not mean only to create a fabric but it does mean creating an assembly of products very different one to each other; accessories metal, plastic or leather make up the clothing and thus have the same importance as the main fabric, linings or yarn stitching. The test on accessories becomes necessary in order to ensure to the consumer the overall quality of the final product.


The accessory, of whatever nature , must be able to be sold together with the clothing as part of the article itself: it must be able to withstand the stresses of use that act on entire dress (water washing or dry , wear, exposure to light , etc. ... ), will have to withstand the forces that act solely on him (eg sliders , zipper and buttons) but will also respond to specific requests for eco-toxicological nature; will be necessary to test its safety to humans and the environment by checking the presence on it of carcinogens, allergens or irritants and various heavy metals that can contaminate it or who may deliberately enter into its production cycle (for metal accessories, for example, the presence of welds can predict the presence of lead ).

Lab Solution can perform all the above checks in addition to the test of exposure of the product to specific stresses : corrosion test, aging in particular conditions of humidity and temperature joint, exposure to thermal cycles customizable.




























































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