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Tests on reaction to fire



The main markets in which textiles for clothing or furnishing are marketed require specific safety features to articles; these features must be supported by specific laboratory tests that are used to verify the conformity of the product to the market that the receiver requests.

Lab Solution is able to perform tests on reaction to fire for textiles used both for clothing and for furniture according to the regulations issued by the regulatory authorities of the major markets.

Dress: 16 CFR 1610, EN 1103, ISO 15025 etc ....

Furniture: BS 5852 (is 0, 1 , 5), EN 1021-1/-2, UNI 9175 (class IM) etc ....

Lab Solution can also support the productive sector of manufacturing companies studying and developing the industrialization process of treatments to give the textile product the characteristics of fire resistance that target market needs, through the use of products complying with chemical and eco-toxicological laws.

Lab Solution is also equipped to perform tests on protective equipment for the purpose of characterization according to the main technical standards of product.



























































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