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Laboratory of Chemical Textile and Environmental Analysis







Environmental Chemistry Laboratory



Lab Solution s.r.l. opened a new seat in Cucciago (CO) dedicated only at chemical analysis.

Thanks to the new structure high tech and to the dedicated commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality 'of services offered, Lab Solution is able to satisfay with speed, flexibility and reliability different customer’s needs also in the environmental branch.

The large instrumental equipment that has the laboratory allows to perform almost all of the analysis required in accordance with the regulations.

Now a short review of the most important lab’s instruments:

  • GC-MSD for determination of aromatic amines, of semivolatile compounds (PAH, phytopharms, phenols…);


  • HPLC-DAD for determination of aromatic amines and phtalates;


  • LC-MSD for determination of Alkylphenol mono and diethoxylates and from triethoxylates;


  • GC-FID for determination of hydrocarbon (C>12 and C<12), BTEXS;


  • ICP-OES for determination of metals;


  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM);


  • Spectophotometer for determination of formaldehyde, of Chromium VI and of other species that produce chromophore after suitable treatement;


  • Air’s sampler to verify air’s quality;


  • Gas analyzer to verify for ex. contamination that come from funnels.




Environmental Analysis


Analisi Ambientali Lab Solution


The chemical department of the laboratory Lab Solution performs activities identification, physico-chemical characterization and the qualitative and quantitative determination of the components of a given sample. Over the years, his team has specialized in:










- Water analysis

- Waste Analysis

- Asbestos analysis

- Soil Analysis

- Sewage Sludge Analysis

- Analysis of sludge in agricolture for the shedding

- Air diffusion pollution analysis in working enviromental
















































































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