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Esportation Korea KC Requirements



Korea KC Requirements (Korean Certification)


The KATS (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards) starting on 1 july 2009 has unified 13 existing certification marks and it has created the KC mark (Korean Certification) that has effectively started on 1 january 2010.


Self-Regulatory Safety confirmation:


Textile fabrics for babies within 36 months:

- outerwear, underwear, shoes, bibs, hats, shirts, clothing, bedding, etc. ..




- Lining;

- Parties that occupy less than 5% of the total product area;

- Parties that occupy less than 1% of the total product weight;


Safety Quality labelling:


- Textile products for childrens (36 months-12 years)

- Textile products for adults (outerwear, underwear, hats, scarves, etc...)

- Other textile products (bedding, pillows, bags, etc…)

- Other products in leather (natural and synthetic leather, natural fur, etc…)


To see the specific requirements download the following table linked in pdf format:


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