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Esportation China GB 18401



China Gb 18401 Chinese National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Product


In the every day lifetime we are continuously in contact with hazardous substances whom can cause damages to us and to environment. These substances can be present also in textile world, which is operating to increase the quality of its products.
The China, one of the bigger productive realities, has create the norm GB 18401 in order to regularize the fabrics in commerce in its territory.The fabrics are divided in categories:

Cat. A: products for babies

Cat. B: products for direct skin contact

Cat. C: products not for direct contact skin


To see the GB 18401 requirements download the following table linked in pdf format.


Scarica Adobe Acrobat reader Downoad Requirements GB 18401:2003



Scarica Adobe Acrobat reader Downoad Requirements GB 18401:2010


In order to see the file :


Scarica Adobe Acrobat reader Adobe Acrobar Reader






























































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