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Laboratory of Chemical Textile and Environmental Analysis








Chemical Textile Analysis



These test are carried out in the textile department :



- Analysis defects of fibers, yarns, woven fabrics, sweaters, accessories and garments

The Service offers support to textile companies in determining the causes of defects on wires / yarns, woven fabrics shirts, accessories and finished garments.
The quality of service is guaranteed by our highly qualified technicians and a test laboratory equipped with modern and up to date instruments.


- Physical mechanical tests


This kind of tests are very important both during the design of a new textile product is to keep under control the productions. Their design allows to optimize the choices in terms of raw materials, production process, and performance as a function of the intended use and the export market and to ensure ongoing compliance with these choices.
This optimization allows the placing on the market of products with a high quality secure and competitive.


- Chemical Dyeing Test


Chemical dyeing test is indispensable in particular to evaluate the correct execution of the process of nobilitation and the conseguent correct definition of the maintenance label.They are also part of chemical dyeing basic tests, tests necessary for verifing or determing the fiber composition of textile products, regulated by EU directives, and is today also object of more punctual controls in the phase of transit through customs as well as on market.

Every test is carried out following the operative modality expected by the official standard (ISO, EN, AATCC, GB, JIS, UNI ).


- Flame reaction test


The Laboratory is in the position to carry out test on reaction to fire on fabrics and materials used for either furnitures and clothing according to the national and international normative.

For a better service, the laboratory is able to perform yield and resistance to washing of different flame retardant products present on market.



In the link below, you have the possibility of dowloading the complete list of analysis executed in our Laboratory.

For Analysis not present in the list, eventually you can contact us using the contact section in our website.


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To view the file download the program from the link below


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