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Analysis of sludge for the shedding in agricolture



The use in agricultural soils sludges from treatment of domestic wastewater, urban and industrial, and other non-toxic sludge or residue, is governed by D. Lgs. no. 99/92.

In accordance with Article 3 of the Decree 99/92, is allowed the use of sludge in agriculture only if the following conditions are met:

a) were subjected to treatment;
b) are likely to have a fertilizing effect and / or soil amendment and correction of the soil;
c) do not contain toxic substances and harmful and / or persistent, and / or bioaccumulative in concentrations harmful to the soil, crop, for the animals, to humans and to the environment in general.

Based on these conditions, the DL identifies a number of parameters to be monitored to determine the suitability of the sample agricultural use.

Lab Solution makes the assessment of the agronomic plan based on the analysis of the sludge and the methods indicated by DL 99/92 and DGR 907/2005, including: dry matter, organic carbon, salmonella, heavy metals, total nitrogen, phosphorus total salinity, degree of humification (DH%) and germination index.

The purpose of the Decree is to regulate the use of sewage sludge in agriculture in such a way as to prevent harmful effects on soil, vegetation, animals and man, while encouraging its correct use.




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